49 Lovely Heart Created Bokeh Photos

Bokeh is the caliber of the fuzzy areas of your photos. It is a fascinating subject on its own, making background lights look luscious and blur look beautiful.

You will get much more creative by utilizing filters to shape your bokeh. Hearts are among the most widely used choices due to their simple, elegant shape and also the positive feelings we affiliate together. Here are a few inspiring examples of the extremely best heart formed bokeh images.

Paper heart with shaped bokeh background

Image by jessicahtam.

Blue and pink heart shaped bokeh

Image by inoc.

Heart bokeh

Image by youngthousands.

Blue heart bokeh on a black background

Image by Olga.

Puppet with heart bokeh background

Image by Eirik Solheim.

Lots of small, colourful heart shaped lights

Image by Douglas Haase.

Robot figure standing in front of red heart shaped bokeh

Image by Takashi Hososhima.

Multi coloured heart shape lights

Image by Jeffrey Cruz.

Blue heart bokeh on black